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Bring back the refreshing summer vibes today with each of the 7 tracks of the Summer Vibes album! Not only will you get to brighten up your lifestyle, you’ll also be donating to the Singapore Zoo for their Mandai project—they are developing a combined home for the animals in Singapore, both to improve the protection of the animals, and also to bring us more enjoyment.


Donate today to be a part of the massive project to save animals’ lives, and you’ll also receive a music album that’ll add a little hip in your life!


The album is fully produced  by our student entrepreneur, Nate Kim.


Visit the website for more details:


*Digital album can be downloaded immediately after purchase.

File size: 28MB

Summer Vibes (Digital Album)

    1.  AJ Mitchell - Like Strangers Do (2:37)
    2.  Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud (4:55)
    3.  James Arthur - Falling Like The Stars (4:06)
    4.  Bruno Mars - Talking to the Moon (3:33) 
    5.  Shawn Mendes - Because I Had You (2:26)
    6.  Nate Kim - In Love with a Friend (2:41)
    7.  Nate Kim - Falling Crazily (2:32)
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