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Led by our Founder Anne Kim,

an alumnus of UPenn, Wharton and

Harvard Business School

Our team has over 40 years of teaching experience

and come from over 20 top tier elite institutions

from around the world.


Founder & CEO, Academy Prêt​

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  • Investment Banker, UBS & J.P. Morgan (New York City & San Francisco)


  • Venture Capital Fund Manager, Investor Growth Capital (New York City)


  • Private Equity Fund  Manager with total $400m AUM, Quadria Capital & Heritas Capital (Asia)

  • Raffles Girls' School & Raffles Junior College Singapore


  • Accepted Early Decision University of Pennsylvania, Dual Degree Program in Biomedical Sciences (Engineering) & Finance (Wharton)


  • Harvard Business School Alumnus

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  • Board Member,
    Tsao Foundation
    Eldercare Non-profit

  • UPenn Alumni Interviewer

  • Harvard Alumni Club Mentor

  • Ivy Ball Committee Member

Anne Kim was first inspired to set up Academy Prêt when she attended Harvard Business School's Program for Leadership Development. It was at Harvard that she crystallised her philosophy for life-long learning and personal development: academic excellence is a crucial factor for success, but so are other factors such as emotional intelligence, creativity and resilience.


Inspired by her transformative experience at Harvard coupled with her passion for teaching and sharing her experience with young adults and teens, Anne and her team developed a holistic program focused on developing not only academic results but building the confidence for students to create and seize opportunities that come their way. 


Prior to founding Academy Prêt, Anne was a seasoned investment banker and private equity investor with more than 15 years of experience in investments, mergers & acquisitions and corporate finance. Anne currently also serves as Founder & CEO of Alphavita Capital, a healthcare specialist investment advisory and corporate strategy consulting firm. 


Anne started her career with UBS Healthcare Investment Research on Wall Street and J.P. Morgan’s Investment Banking team in San Francisco. Anne was also a venture capital investor in biotechnology and medical devices with Investor Growth Capital in New York and Hong Kong. 

Anne then moved back to Singapore in 2011 and led investment banking transactions in the healthcare sector with Religare Capital Markets, and was a founding member of Quadria Capital, a US$300 million pan-Asian healthcare private equity fund. Anne was also Investment Director and Head of Healthcare at Heritas Capital, a subsidiary of IMC Pan Asia Alliance. Anne led the deployment of Heritas Capital’s inaugural US$100 million fund.


Anne currently serves as a Board Member of non-profit organization Tsao Foundation, where she advocates community-based eldercare, training and policy relevant research.


Anne graduated with cum laude honours with dual degrees from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Engineering and the Wharton School. Anne is an alumnus of Harvard Business School, and is also an active alumnus of Raffles Girls' School and Raffles Junior College.

When not working, teaching or dreaming up her next project, Anne can be found putting her sommelier training to use by enjoying a glass of wine (a robust Bordeaux or a fragrant new world Pinot are her faves!) or at a power yoga class. 

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